Authorization required for use of the Film Portal

  • After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to "authorize check-off of union work referall fees." Your name and film experience information will not be shared with producers until you provide this authorization.
  • The blank form (below) allows you, as a prospective user of the Film Portal web site, to decide whether you wish to provide the required authorization or not.
  • Do not send this form to us. You need only indicate your authorization when asked for it after logging in.

Blank Form: Authorization for Check-Off of Union Work Referral Fees


I, the undersigned, working in the jurisdiction of IATSE, Local 720, hereby request and voluntarily authorize any Local 720 signatory employer to deduct 3.5% (three and one-half percent) from any wages or compensation due me each pay period, the regular Union work referral fees uniformly applicable to employees working in the jurisdiction of IATSE, Local 720, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This authorization shall remain in effect and shall be irrevocable unless I revoke it by sending written notice by registration mail to both the Employer and IATSE, Local 720, fifteen (15) days immediately succeeding any yearly period subsequent to the date of this authorization or subsequent to the date of termination of the applicable contract between the Employer and the Union, whichever occurs sooner, and shall be automatically renewed as an irrevocable check-off from year to year unless revoked as herein above provided.

Sign: __________________________________

Print Name: _____________________________

Social Security Number: ___________________